March 2018

Experior 6.1.15357 Release Note

Bugfix: Fixed Ctrl+a selection when SolutionExplorer is closed Bugfix: Fixed selecting assembly in scene by mouse when SolutionExplorer is closed

Experior 6.1.15433 Release Note

BugFix: Ctrl+DoubleClick when SolutionExplorer view is open now doesn’t remove assembly BugFix: Assembly.Import method does not stalling the application

Experior 6.0.15253 Release Note

Extended ByteEditor: highlighting associated bits/bytes, overlap, displaying parent name and description in the status line Show tooltip on top of the combo box in the configurator/catalog selector

Experior 6.0.15138 Release Note

Grouping orientation fix Debug mode is no longer changed when the scene is locked Improved FingerPrint code by 1200 % (E.g speed of weblicense checkouts are greatly reduced)