September 2018

Experior 6.1.16240 Release Note

Change: Improved Catalog Selector userstate (user decisions from previous run) Change: Removed ‘Use standard privileges’ from Catalog Selector. Change: Removed some settings from registry (related to Catalog Selector).

Experior 6.1.16217 Release Note

Bugfix: Fixed an issue in where line objects with an empty geometry could cause an exception when exporting scene as Collada.

Experior 6.1.16200 Release Note

Bugfix: Changed ContactType flags so DISABLED is != 0. Particles should now collide with rigid bodies. Bugfix: Removed legacy licensing functionality causing an exception on non-elevated user accounts.

Experior 6.0.16175 Release Note

Change: ExpandChanged argument (eventhandler) option added to the “UI.ToolBar.Add” method and sample code added to the demo catalog.

Experior 6.0.16169 Release Note

Bugfix: Fixed an issue where Turkish culture caused licensing to fail (e.g. captical I.ToLower() will not result in i in Turkish).