February 2021

Experior 7.0.19733 Release Note

New: Timer.Translate Speed property getter added – to ask for the current speed. Change: GuidedPath updated. Download 7.0.19733 setup Download binaries

Experior 6.0.19707 Release Note

New: Added support for SINT (signed byte) when writing to an PLC input using the script window. Download 6.0.19707 setup Download binaries

Experior 6.0.19690 Release Note

New: Display in Advanced catalog can receive SINT values. Bugfix: Fixed error when receiving values as SINT. Download 6.0.19690 setup Download binaries

Experior 7.0.19658 Release Note

New: Supporting SBYTE (Signed bytes for plc inputs and outputs). New: Public getter on load.BlockedBySpacing and route.NonAccumulationBlocked. Change (BREAKING): Experior.Core.Part.Friction.Coefficients -> Experior.Interfaces.Coefficients Change (BREAKING): Experior.Core.Loads.Load.Rigids -> Experior.Interfaces.Rigids. Download 7.0.19658 setup… Read More »Experior 7.0.19658 Release Note