Experior 6.0.16009 Release Note

  • Bugfix: [#362] Mouse locks to Model window when editing text in popup box “Text Editor”. If the Model window is not centred you can’t reach the box.
  • Bugfix: Fixed bug where Dreal (double) values were not sent due to wrong typecast.
  • Bugfix: Fixed inserting assemblies in sections located high up.
  • Bugfix: (Motor with frequncy converter) direction is now set correctly when the motor is stopped while reversing and the motor is started again by setting a positive speed.
  • Bugfix: Snapping failed for multiselected assemblies(Collection) – orientation were not set correctly on the assemblies.
  • Bugfix: TypeConverter Degrees bug fix
  • Bugfix: Reloading cylinder with motor.
  • Bugfix: [WI#360] Motor gets deleted when a new motor is added in its place.
  • Change: PVI updated.
  • Change: CADImport updated to v12.1.
  • Change: Merging of models – the attributes will be included if there is not already an object with the same name.
  • Changed PLC communication so that Real and Dreal are always received as big endian data. This was to fix issue where Real/Dreal values from a Siemens PLC were incorrect.

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