Experior 6.1.17379 Release Note

  • Change: Updated Joint example in DeveloperSamples/Assemblies/Advanced/Joint.cs
  • Change: DockPanel.config renamed to DockPanel6.config to avoid conflicts when switching between Experior 6 and Experior 6.1
  • Change: Removed Messagebox: “Graphics device is lost. Failed to reset. If it fails again then restart Experior”
  • Change: OEM is now avalible for all license types
  • Change: Flusing the log file when logging to file “Mode=FileDate”
  • Bugfix: Now logging non-unique actionpoints when importing.
  • Bugfix: Route.Vertical positioning bug fix
  • Bugfix: Sensors updating Colors from physx thread caused an exception in locked mode
  • Bugfix: Report save observations: Columns fixed when observations doesn’t have same count.
  • Bugfix: Report wizard could crash if another report was not initialized.

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