Experior 7.0.20284 Release Note

  • New: Added Core.Environment.UI.GetSvgImageSourceFromResourceKey(string resourceKey).
  • Change: Input/Output windows will now deselect currently selected row in Properties window when clicking outside any row.
  • Change: Load Setter is protected on Dynamic parts.
  • Change: Changed icons under Sections in Ribbon menu.[internal] Changed SectionLayer.xaml to use DXImage instead of Image to make images change color based on theme.
  • Change: EnumDisplayNameAttribute removed. Use [Display(Name = )] to change display name of enum values (Display is located in System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations).
  • Bugfix: Fixed issue where subassembly IOs would not be displayed correctly in Monitor window.
  • Bugfix: Should now show the correct icon when unattaching assemblies in Model window.