Experior 7.0.20456 Release Note

  • New: Added ‘Seed’ (int) property to startupconfiguration file (and removed ‘Seeded’).
    Change: Changed startup logging (more details and layout etc.)
  • Bugfix: Fixed the Section Fit option, now it does not move the assemblies belonging to the section performing the fit function (the assemblies are moved back by that delta vector that was used for moving the section itself
  • [BugFix]: Fixed a bug when deleting or undocking all control panel tabs and right clicking the window (no longer able to delete or undock all control panel tabs
  • [bugfix] Selecting assemblies in the Scene should now work despite Solution Explorer being closed.
  • [BugFix]: Fixed a bug that prevented opening a new scene if Ctrl+N (New) was pressed on an already saved model and clicked yes (to save the model).
  • [BugFix]: Saving the PushButton now will save the color and the duration properly
  • Change: System.Windows.Media.Color is serializable why the converting of the color field in all info classes is wasteful (the field is now public – and later the converted color string for serialization can be removed)
  • [bugfix] Script window build button is now available quicker.
    [bugfix] Script window error messages will now show more consistently
  • New: Added a new Load.Switch method