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Using ABB RobotStudio with Experior

Using RobotStudio and Experior in conjunction opens the possibility of high-end virtual commissioning in robotics – testing PLC and robot programs at the same time in genuine controllers. The picture below shows a proposed testing setup of controllers and PLC’s.

Setting up RobotStudio with Experior

First of all, you will need to download RobotStudio, install and have a registered user. You can find Robot studio at ABB official site HERE it comes with a guideline for setting up the software.

When you have RobotStudio up and running you will need a plugin to add to RobotStudio and a plugin and catalog containing the robots to add to Experior. You need to contact us at Xcelgo for this and we will send it to you. If you are unsure who to contact write to

When these extra plugins are added, you are ready to configure Robot Studio with Experior. The video down below will explan in detail. 

Examples of ABB robots in Experior

A ‘IRB760_450_318’ used for picking multible packages at once and stacking them. 

Two robots making up a ‘pick and place station’

  • The IRB-140 robot (orange) picks up an empty tray from the roller conveyor and places it on the table.
  • The IRB-120 robot (white) then pick a product and place it on the tray. The filled tray is placed on the output conveyor by the IRB-140 robot.

A ‘single-arm Yumi’. The robot tests the buttons of remote controls

A ‘Dual-arm Yumi’. This picks products from the incline planes and places them on the conveyor.