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Conveyors are the most basic, and most important part, of any logistic model.
In this guide we will show you how to interact with conveyors and fix them together.

Select the conveyor catalogs. From here you can click and drag the component into the workspace.


To snap two conveyors together, hold ctrl and drag until the red and blue point snaps together. When two tracks are snapped together, they are locked in place.

As a note, tracks, by default, run from the red point to the blue point, so when attaching additional items opposite coloured points must be snapped together to ensure the model flows correctly.

Adjusting Size

To adjust the length either drag from one of the endpoints (hold ctrl to make sure it stays in position) or by selecting the straight and in the properties window scrolling down to size and adjusting the Length. Here you can chose to edit Height and Width. 

Adjusting Orientation

Rotate your component by selecting it, and using Mouse-wheel. Using Shift + Mouse-wheel will rotate by 45 degrees instead.

It is also possible to type the exact rotation you want in the properties tab. Go to Properties > Orientation > Yaw. The initial value is ∠0° and the possible values are from ∠-180° to ∠180°.