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Experior 7 Startup options

When you start Experior,  you do not get the ‘choose catalog’ option unless you specifically set the program to start with it. However, you might wish to choose which catalogs you wish to open. The catalogs menu should look something like this: 

As a default, this menu does not open when you start the application. If you do not get the ‘choose catalogs’ option you can always change the setting manually so it shows when you open Experior. You do this by using the Command Prompt. First open your computers file directory and go to your drive where you can find the Xcelgo folder. Inside the Xcelgo folder you will see the Xcelgo Experior 7 folder. Open this folder and go to the address line on top:

Click inside the address line and write ‘cmd’  to open the command prompt window which looks like this:

From this window you have access to all the files in the Experior 7 folder. If you then type ‘experior’ into the window and press enter, the Experior application opens normally. However, if you want to open the ‘choose catalogs’ window you can instead write ‘experior’ followed by a space and ‘-config’ like this:

This is a command line argument. When you then press enter, it will open the Experior application with the chosen setting and you will be able to see the ‘choose catalogs’ menu. It is also possible to use other command line arguments from here. If you for instance add a ‘-help’ it will show a list of all available command line arguments. Here are a few of the most useful:

-config: Displays the catalog selector when you start the Experior program
-modelfile <filepath>: Experior opens with a specific model loaded if there is an existing Experior model which matches that file name
-phy|-physics: Opens Experior in Physics mode
-Graphicsserver: enables the graphic server.

Read more about the graphicsserver here [TBA]

You can see the full list of Experior Command Prompt arguments here [TBA]

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