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Performance Tips

Power Settings

Disable all power saving modes.

Set Power Options to maximum performance

Note that domain rules affect this

While using Experior dongles, any power loss on usb will result in Experior closing

Labels (2D Graphic)

Adding a large amount of “external” graphic, using labels, enabling of assembly text or similar can dramatically decrease performance. As movable objects, each one is rendered separately.

Using lots of this on a large model on pc with limited capability equals low performance

Increase Performance

Improve performance by disabling shadows, lowering antialiasing, or setting detail level to “Normal” or “Primitives”

Settings can be found in the Pane “View” under section “Visibility”

Close windows you do not need. Especially closing the Solution Explorer in model with thousands of assemblies can help quite a bit

Window layout can be reset, or single window added, if later needed

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