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Types of Licenses

1 - Tester License

With a Tester License you can open and run existing models, feed loads into models from feeding points, modify and remove loads and change run time scale.

2 - Comissioner License

A Comissioner License has the same properties as the Tester License but with the possibility of changing component configurations such as IP-addresses.

3 - Builder License

The Builder License enables you to build models from components in the catalogs – both own developed catalogs and the standard catalogs. You can modify the properties of the components and write code for controlling the model.

4 - Developer License

With the Developer License you can access the Experior platform and API to modify existing components, develop your own components, and manage the catalog content. It also lets you modify the Experior Application by adding new windows, menus etc. to create your own user specific applications within Experior.

An Experior License can be issued for either physics simulation, discrete event simulation or both modes.

 Each license also contains the functions of the lower level licenses, so if you buy the level 3 license ‘Builder’, it also contains level 2 ‘commissioner’ and 1 ‘tester’ functions

You can check your current license in the ‘about’ menu in Experior.