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Build Config File

When developing custom catalogs you can now limit the use of the catalog to certain Experior “keys” by including a Build.Config file when you build the catalog.

The key numbers listed in the file is then the same users that are allowed to load the catalog when Experior is started.

It is optional, meaning that if you don’t need a Build.config file, then the catalog is complied without this information and then everybody with an Experior license can load the catalog.

This is the code that should be used if a Build.Config needs to be included.

The last key number in the list below, “02**”, means that all license keys starting with “02” are able to load the catalog.

<br /><!--?xml version=”1.0″ &gt;;&lt;br ?--><br /><br />0103<br />0104<br />02**<br /><br /><br />

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