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Dynamic Properties

You can add properties to assemblies at runtime.

To enable the feature the class has to use the attibute Experior.Core.Properties.DynamicObjectConverter.


Adding properties two properties

Properties.Add(newDynamicProperty { Name = "Value1", Type = typeof(int), Description = "custom property (integer)",Category = "Testing", Value = 1 });
Properties.Add(newDynamicProperty { Name = "Value2", Type = typeof(float), Description = "custom property (float)", Category = "Testing", Value = 10.0f });

By overriding the DynamicPropertyChanged method the object can handle the changes made to the properties added above

public override void DynamicPropertyChanged(DynamicProperty property)
    Log.Write(property.Name + " is changed to " + property.Value);

See the sample DynamicProperties class in the Demo catalog for more information

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