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Group Scripting

The example below illustrates how to control a grouped assembly with a simple script.

  • Open Experior in Physics Mode
  • Build a model using two conveyors, one photoeye sensor and a pusher
  • The pusher is located in the Advanced Catalog
  • The pusher should be added to the side of the first conveyor so it is adjacent to where the second conveyor intersects on the other side
  • Under the Edit menu click Select All
  • Now right click on the selected assemblies and select Group
  • Select SENSOR1 in the Solution Explorer
  • In the Properties under Scripts -> Event open the editor for the Entering event
  • Complete the line by selecting “PUSHER1”
  • Press F5 so the script compiles
  • Close the script editor
  • Right click on the grouped assembly and choose “Save in My Catalog
  • Now when a load activates the sensor it triggers the Entering event which activates the pusher
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