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Web License / License Server

The web license file (with the extension: .key) have to be located in the Experior installation folder (which is usually C:\Xcelgo\Xcelgo Experior…).

When Experior is started, it contacts the Xcelgo web license server to investigate whether the license is valid and whether a license seat is available. If the investigation is successful, a seat checkout is performed and the usage of Experior is granted. 

When Experior is closed: Depending on the customer and license setup, Experior might give the user the option to contact the Xcelgo web license server for a check in of the license seat – or to keep it reserved for the user for later use. If checking in the license seat, the seat is available for checkout for other users with access to the same license.

The communication between Experior and the Xcelgo web license server is a bit different depending on the Experior version:

Experior 5.x, Experior 6.0 and Experior 6.1 (prior to and including release Experior 6.1.19245) need access to port 8080 at ‘’. They use a proprietary protocol for the license server communication.

Experior 6.1 (from and including release Experior 6.1.19246) as well as Experior 7 need access to port 443 at ‘’ for license server communication. They use a TCP protocol for the license server communication.

So: in order to check out or check in an Experior web license seat, access to and communication with the Xcelgo web license server is required. If this access is unavailable due to personal or company network restrictions and the access cannot be provided, then it is recommended to use a USB dongle licence instead.

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