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Web License / License Server

Your license file should be in the Experior root directory (which is usually C:\Xcelgo\Xcelgo Experior …).

When Experior starts, it will contact the Xcelgo license server to see if your license is valid and log the license key usage (for keeping track of acquired seats and various statistics).

Experior 5.x, 6.0 and Experior 6.1.19246 will need access to port 8080 at ‘’

Experior 6.1.19246 onwards and Experior 7 will use ‘’ for license server communication.

That means you need internet access to start Experior with a web license and access on the network must be unrestricted (TCP communication). If access to this this port is unavailable due to personal or company network restrictions then it is recommended that USB dongle licences are used instead.

If you are using a floating license, Experior will give you the option to check in the acquired license upon exit. This allows other people (with access to same license) to use the license after you are done.

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