Installers and Release Notes

Experior 7.0.20512 Release Note

Change: Changed some text in Settings window to reflect its actual function.

Bugfix: Fixed an issue where a script from a loaded model wouldn’t be shown in the Script window.

Bugfix: Fixed an issue where icons in Solution Explorer could have the wrong color.

Bugfix: CurveArea did not have an actor.

Bugfix: Fixed issue where error would be shown if the catalog window was visible and no catalogs were loaded.

Bugfix: Fixed an issue where text wouldn’t appear correctly in the Script window.

Bugfix: Fixed an issue where scripts from loaded models wouldn’t be shown in the Script window.

Experior 7.0.20490 Release Note

  • Fixed issue where the properties window would not update if a Browsable (not address based) connection was chosen as the Connection for a Input/Output. This error would only show up if the model had more than one connection.
  • Fixed issue where model would not be saved properly under certain circumstances
  • Fixed issue with multi select of assemblies when Solution Explorer was not loaded.
  • Experior will now only load a startup configuration file if specified via API or CLI.
  • Fixed issue where catalogs would show twice in tree view mode.
  • Added error message to be shown if a model is saved with an empty script file
  • Fixed issue where renaming a Section would sometimes not be possible, because an error in the method confirming that the Section names are unique.
  • Set default sorting to ascending on Time column in Schedule window
  • Enabled column sorting in Schedule window
  • Schedule window will now load correctly after loading a model
  • Fixed an issue where windows wouldn’t load correctly.
  • Updated dongle rights/catalogs

Experior 7.0.20456 Release Note

  • New: Added ‘Seed’ (int) property to startupconfiguration file (and removed ‘Seeded’).
    Change: Changed startup logging (more details and layout etc.)
  • Bugfix: Fixed the Section Fit option, now it does not move the assemblies belonging to the section performing the fit function (the assemblies are moved back by that delta vector that was used for moving the section itself
  • [BugFix]: Fixed a bug when deleting or undocking all control panel tabs and right clicking the window (no longer able to delete or undock all control panel tabs
  • [bugfix] Selecting assemblies in the Scene should now work despite Solution Explorer being closed.
  • [BugFix]: Fixed a bug that prevented opening a new scene if Ctrl+N (New) was pressed on an already saved model and clicked yes (to save the model).
  • [BugFix]: Saving the PushButton now will save the color and the duration properly
  • Change: System.Windows.Media.Color is serializable why the converting of the color field in all info classes is wasteful (the field is now public – and later the converted color string for serialization can be removed)
  • [bugfix] Script window build button is now available quicker.
    [bugfix] Script window error messages will now show more consistently
  • New: Added a new Load.Switch method

Experior 7.0.20430 Release Note

  • New: Added DebugLevel, LogDir and WorkDir to startupconfiguration file (CLI arguments superseeds if applied).
  • Change: Label Color removed.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue where models couldn’t be loaded.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue where an exception log would be ignored if filelogging was not enabled.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue where in headless mode the application could log (in the Windows EventViewer), an unhandled CControlHook finalize exception on closing the application.
  • Change: Startup optimization.
  • Bugfix: Removed the Inserted override in Accessories, because it was positioning the accessories without taking the active section’s height (position y) into consideration and was just positioning them to 0 height.
  • Bugfix: Fixed issue where Experior would not save the model when closing even if Yes was chosen.

Experior 7.0.20402 Release Note

  • New: Added CLI argument -webapi conf . Use this to specify a specific webapi configuration to use.
  • Change: Drag/drop in Solution Explorer for Assemblies between Sections should now be more intuitive.
  • Bugfix: Fixed issue where “Config” property in startupconfiguration would be ignored in certain cases.
  • Bugfix: Setting Directory.CurrentDirectory to executing directory if not so (improper shortcuts etc.).
  • Bugfix: Duplicate button in Control Panel Tab should now show when applicable again.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue where Experior could crash if configurering a ‘Schedule’ event of Action type ‘Change View’.
  • Bugfix: Changing section on an Assembly would sometimes not correctly change the Section, this should now be fixed.

Experior 7.0.20390 Release Note

  • Change: Changed CLI cmd -license dongle [number] to -license dongle:[number] (same for ‘offline’).
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue regarding Experior.Build.dll.
  • Bugfix: Properties for setting an Inputs and Outputs Offset on control panels are now available (as in Experior 6).
  • Bugfix: Fixed possible null reference exception in licensing module.

Experior 7.0.20382 Release Note

  • New: Added the option to set the resolution of the arc in the curve route (in code). It’s useful when smooth movement is desired in small/narrow curves.
  • New: Added Experior.Core.Environment.ProcessInformation.
  • New: Support for SVG image files for Accessories models (place an imagefile with same name and .svg extension besides the model file).
  • Improvement: various optimizations to Accessories imageloading.
  • Change: Changed Byte column name to Address in Alarm window.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue where alarms could not be created because byte could not be set.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue where in certain cases a white line could appear in some themes in the top bar of Experior.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue where message boxes would be behind loading sign, unable to be clicked.
  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue in the Accessories catalog, where model located in subfolders under \Accessories would not get the 3D model file loaded.
  • Bugfix: FeederProtocol were not able to serialize/deserialize a Vector3 (System.Numerics) since it is not marked Serializable. Fixed by swithcing to a Json serializer/deserializer.