Installers and Release Notes

Experior 7.0.20024 Release Note

  • Change: Optimized the way the Modbus connection communicates with the PLC to boost performance.
  • Bugfix: Corrected some theme controlled colors.
  • Bugfix: Experior.Core.Parts.Model physics now uses node transformation.
  • Bugfix: Fixed issue where Modbus connection would not connect to PLC.

Experior 7.0.19985 Release Note

  • New: Added option for providing selected startup configuration in ‘StartupSettings.json’ (i.e. either instead of commandline arguments or as as default option). ‘StartupSettings.json’ supports local path override (i.e. if found locally, this file will be used over the global file).
  • New: Added Experior.Core.Environment.UI.InputDialog. Provides a general dialog for selecting an item from a list.
  • Change: Experior Help will use instead of relying on redirect of