Installers and Release Notes

Experior 6.0.14910 Release Note

  • The Control Panel is changed radically
    Before there were only one Info class and a limited number of classes for creating the
    different control panel items.
    Every type of control now have it’s own info class and a unique class.

Experior 5.2 Release Notes


  • Ticket #266 fixed.


  • Ticket #253 fixed.


  • Ticket #265 fixed.
  • Ticket #262 fixed (reopened and fixed).


  • Ticket #255 fixed.
  • Ticket #262 fixed.


  • Ticket #261 fixed.
  • Ticket #263 fixed.
  • Ticket #264 fixed.


  • Ticket #255 fixed.


  • Ticket #256 fixed.
  • Ticket #257 fixed.
  • Ticket #258 fixed.


  • When a model is loaded and one or more catalogs needed for being able to reconstruct
    assemblies are not present, Experior will automatically load the catalogs if the file exists
    and you have to have the right privileges to load it, otherwise you will be informed.


  • Ticket #252 fixed.


  • The use of the shift key has changed.
    In earlier versions, the shift key were used to change the center of the model but that is
    not a very familiar behavior (the center of the model were changed just by pointing and
    clicking the left mouse button without selecting any objects).
    In this and future versions you have to draw an area by holding down the shift key while
    dragging the mouse: when releasing the mouse button and the shift key the view is then
    changed according to the size of the area.

Older versions

Experior 6.1.14982 Release Note

  • [BugFix]: Bugfix for saving using [X] and having custom savehandlers
  • [BugFix]: Threadsafety in mainform
  • [BugFix]: Added XmlIgnore to Min + Max in Section
  • [BugFix]: Experior.Core.Section shows section name correctly + cleanup
  • [BugFix]: Fixed nullreference exception in MainForm.Dispose() if graphics device never started.
  • [BugFix]: Experior.Core.Primitives.TextBitmap now returns an approximation for textlength when the internal buffer is not ready.
  • [BugFix]: Now using Experior.Core.Primitives.Curve constructor parameter ‘radius’
  • [BugFix]: Discrete event load.Route motorstate bug fix
  • [BugFix]: Shortest path distance bug (first edge was not included)
  • [Change]: Changed CoordinateSystem colors to match Experior color
  • [Added]: Initial 3DConnexion mouse integration
  • [Added]: Experior.Core.Section now has Min and Max.
  • [Added]: Experior.Core.Environment.UI.Toolbar.Button.AutoExpandOnClick
  • [Added]: Added: Experior.Shared.StartUp.BetaFeaturesEnabled for beta feature deployment

Experior Libraries:

  • [CleanUp]: Developer samples cleaned up