Experior 6.1.14982 Release Note

  • [BugFix]: Bugfix for saving using [X] and having custom savehandlers
  • [BugFix]: Threadsafety in mainform
  • [BugFix]: Added XmlIgnore to Min + Max in Section
  • [BugFix]: Experior.Core.Section shows section name correctly + cleanup
  • [BugFix]: Fixed nullreference exception in MainForm.Dispose() if graphics device never started.
  • [BugFix]: Experior.Core.Primitives.TextBitmap now returns an approximation for textlength when the internal buffer is not ready.
  • [BugFix]: Now using Experior.Core.Primitives.Curve constructor parameter ‘radius’
  • [BugFix]: Discrete event load.Route motorstate bug fix
  • [BugFix]: Shortest path distance bug (first edge was not included)
  • [Change]: Changed CoordinateSystem colors to match Experior color
  • [Added]: Initial 3DConnexion mouse integration
  • [Added]: Experior.Core.Section now has Min and Max.
  • [Added]: Experior.Core.Environment.UI.Toolbar.Button.AutoExpandOnClick
  • [Added]: Added: Experior.Shared.StartUp.BetaFeaturesEnabled for beta feature deployment

Experior Libraries:

  • [CleanUp]: Developer samples cleaned up