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Transfer Car

The Transfer car is best described as a conveyor on a rail.

The conveyor can move along the rail, picking up and dropping off loads from and onto adjacent conveyors (stations).

Through the transfer car’s properties, you can assign any user created actionpoint as a pickup point or destination point.

When a load reaches a pickup point and it has its destination set to an actionpoint along the route of one of the destination stations.

The transfer car will move to the pickup point, transfer the load onto itself, move to the destination point and drop off the load.

Video demonstration


In the above video demonstration,

we have 3 actionpoints:

AP1 (Middle of the first conveyor)

AP2 (End of the second conveyor

AP3 (Start of the third conveyor)

AP1 has its “Default Destination” property set to “AP3”

AP2 has its “Collision Mode” property set to “Leading” while AP3 has it set to “Center”