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Keyboard shortcuts

File handling:

  • New project: Ctrl + N
  • Open project: Ctrl + O
  • Save project: Ctrl + S

Assembly editing:

  • Copy (selected assembly/assemblies): Ctrl + C
  • Cut (selected assembly/assemblies): Ctrl + X
  • Paste (copied or cut assembly/assemblies): Ctrl + V
  • Snap two assemblies together: Drag assembly and press Ctrl when the assemblies’ snap points overlaps
  • Unsnap two snapped assemblies : Press Ctrl and drag one assembly away from the other
  • Alter assembly size (only certain assemblies): Shift + drag with mouse
  • Multiple selection of assemblies: Shift + select with mouse
  • Group assemblies (multiple selected assemblies): Ctrl + G
  • Ungroup selected assemblies: Ctrl + U
  • Delete all assemblies: Multiple select + delete
  • Lock/Unlock selected assembly/assemblies: Ctrl + L
  • Undo (only certain assemblies): Ctrl + Z
  • Redo (only certain assemblies): Ctrl + Y

Assembly control:

  • Activate (only certain assemblies, must be selected): +
  • Deactivate (only certain assemblies, must be selected): –
  • Release loads where cursor points: F (run mode only)

Load control:

  • Stop/Release a load on a track: S
  • Release a load (already stopped): R
  • Jump back 100 mm an release (A load stopped on an Action Point): J
  • Ungroup (release a selected load that are a part of a group): Shift + Space
  • Enable/Disable a load : Space

Run control:

  • Pause/Start: P
  • Reset model (delete all loads): Ctrl + R
  • Start/stop motors: select and press + (or double-click motors)
  • Alter motor direction: Ctrl + left mouse click. When motor is selected: – (minus button)

Scene / viewing:

  • Default camera view: F5
  • Save camera views: Ctrl + Shift + 1-9
  • Jump to saved views: Shift + 1-9
  • Fly to saved views: 1-9
  • Toggle orthogonal / isometric view: F12
  • Toggle full screen: F11
  • Zoom in and out: +/- (or roll mouse wheel)
  • Follow a load: Select a load and press: F
  • Alter the centre of the 3D scene: Position cursor in new centre + Ctrl + right click

Scene / details:

  • Lock/unlock 3D scene: Ctrl + L
  • Show/hide motors: Ctrl + M
  • Toggle labels: Ctrl + E
  • Toggle primitives: Ctrl + P
  • Toggle shadow: Ctrl + Q
  • Debug (developer license only): Ctrl + D
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