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Installing Experior

To install Experior start by downloading the latest version of Experior HERE

In order to access the downloads page, you will need an Experior Support account.
If you do not have one already, register on the page and we will verify the account.

Go to your download folder and double click the install file.

On the License Agreement screen, select I agree:

Terms and conditions I

If you want a custom installation path click the Options button. Otherwise click the Install button.

Terms and conditions III
Terms and conditions II

The program will now install.
If a User Account Control window appears click YES.

Once the installation is complete, click CLOSE to finish.

Configuring a web license

To configure Experior to use a web license you must place the license key file in the Experior installation folder:

C:\Xcelgo\Xcelgo Experior 7

The License key file name has the following signature: