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Skip signing catalogs/plug-ins

To support various Continous Integration (CI) setups, from Experior version 7.0.23105 onwards, you can now load unsigned catalogs and plug-ins – if using a Developer license.

The feature is two-folded. Part one is the skipping of signing the catalogs and plug-ins – this can be done in one of two ways.

  1. Remove the Experior.Build UsingTask in the csproj – either by removing it entirely or adding a Conditional attribute.
  2. Or by configuring the Experior.Build by setting the new attribute ‘Skip=”true”‘.
    • Example: <Experior.Build AssemblyFileLocation=”$(OutputPath)$(TargetFileName)” Debug=”true” Skip=”true”></Experior.Build>

Now you are compiling/building the catalog or plug-in without signing it. Previously you would not be able to load the catalog or plug-in in Experior, but with the new version you are able to load them if you are using a valid Developer license.

A usescase could be to save time in CI pipelines. Visual Studio solutions with many plug-ins could use a substantial time just doing the signing process. These steps can now be avoided.


If you are using a non-developer license, catalog and plug-in checking is done as usual (catalogs and plug-ins must be signed) – meaning checksum and Key checking etc. will be performed as expected.

If you are using a Developer license and a valid ‘Tail’ / signing is found, then it also will be checked as usual. So the new feature is that Experior will allow catalogs and plug-ins without a tail.